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Cyclone 6 UART Serial Board, Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0 for X Windows, FootPrints, Web-based Helpdesk and more.
Cyclone 6 UART Serial Board

GTEK, Inc., announced the Cyclone 6 intelligent UART serial board. The Cyclone 6 features 64 byte transmit and receive FIFO buffers, automatic handshaking and flexible addressing options. GTEK has also released a new version of their BlackBoard-8A intelligent UART serial board. Drivers are available for Linux. For pricing for both products contact GTEK.

Contact: GTEK, Inc., P.O. Box 2310, Bay St. Louis, MS 39521-2310, Phone: 800-282-GTEK, E-mail:

Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0 for X Windows

MicroEdge, Inc. announced today the release of Visual SlickEdit v2.0 for X Windows. Visual SlickEdit is a programmer's editor, possessing cross platform functionality and compatibility with nearly any language. New features include API Apprentice, a C/C++/Java code beautifier, difference editing, selective display, code block selections and hex editing. Visual SlickEdit v2.0 is available for Linux for a price of $195.

Contact: MicroEdge, Inc., P. O. Box 18038, Raleigh, NC 27619, Phone: 800-934-3348, Fax: 919-303-8400, E-mail:, URL:

FootPrints, Web-based Helpdesk

UniPress Software, Inc. announced the availability of FootPrints, the first web-based helpdesk system designed to record and track problems, solutions, bugs, change requests, and to make the information available to anyone with access to the Internet or Intranet. FootPrints creates databases of related information that includes priority, status, description of each entry. This information can be viewed and edited by the users. FootPrints requires a Unix-based or NT-based web server. Starter License includes the server software and three user licenses for $1,995.

Contact: UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ, 08817, Phone 908-287-2100, Fax: 908-287-4929, E-mail:, URL:

MagiCaster Multimedia Interface

DIMACC, Inc. and Boomerang Communications Corporation have released MagiCaster, the first customizable multimedia interface for user navigation within a web site. MagiCaster utilizes animated button graphics for site navigation, streaming text for new updates, and supports live and streaming audio reception. Best of all, its free. MagiCaster is fully compatible with all Shockwave enabled web browsers, and can be downloaded from

DIMACC,Inc., Amherst, NY, Phone: 716-636-6001, URL:

WebTech C++ Library Supporting HTML 3.2

WebTech from Tech Development and Consulting is a C++ class library for creating web pages and CGI applications without requiring any knowledge of HTML or CGI. It is built on top of the Standard Template Library (STL), which increases portability and efficiency. Java applets, JavaScript, VB Script and ActiveX Script are all supported. WebTech is available for Linux at a price of $399(US).

Contact: Tech Development and Consulting, 2308 Houma Blvd. Suite 810, Metarie, LA 70001, Phone: 504-456-8826, E-mail:, URL:

InterCam Telerobotic System

Perceptual Robotics, Inc announced InterCam, the first telerobotic system to offer live, interactive video over the World Wide Web. InterCam is capable of running on Unix-based Internet networks, and gives remote viewers complete control over what they see.The technology can be tried out online at InterCam is available for approximately $25,000.

Contact: Perceptual Robotics, Inc. 1840 Oak Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, Phone: 847-475-0512, Fax: 847-866-1808, E-mail:, URL:

OpenPath Web 2.0

Trilogy Technology International has released OpenPath Web 2.0 to help developers create sophisticated web applications. It is a template-based language that generates powerful IS applications on the web.OpenPath Web runs faster because it is compiled and provides a rich development environment. The Lite version is a free download at Full version for Unix is $295.

@Contact:Reach Trilogy, 17870 Castleton Street, City of Industry, CA 91748, Phone: 800-585-8668, E-mail:, URL:


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