Microstation 95 for Linux

Microstation survived the “Can I Break It” test and gets four and a half stars for its performance.
Company Profile

Bentley Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Keith and Barry Bentley. It is a privately held corporation with over 400 employees headquartered in Exton Pennsylvania, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands and South Melbourne, Australia. They maintain a web site at http://www.bentley.com/. Phil Chouinard, Product Manager, Foundation Products, can be reached by phone at 610-458-5000 or e-mail at phil.chouinard@bentley.com.

Installed Base

The review kit states that there are over 200,000 users of Microstation 95 in over 15,000 companies and organizations around the world. They include Boeing, AT&T, American Airlines, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce, Union Carbide C & P Company plus numerous other commercial users and government agencies.


The review was performed on an AMD 5x86-P75 133MHz machine with 20MB RAM, running Linux 2.0.0. Display was handled by a Number 9 Vision 330 1MB video card.

Bentley Systems, Inc. also offers Microstation 95 for DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp and PowerPC or Dec Alpha AXP PCs running Windows NT. Microstation 95 will run on 80386 (with a math coprocessor), 80486, Pentium, DEC Alpha and PowerPC processors, with a minimum of 8MB RAM for the DOS package and 24MB minimum RAM for DEC Alpha or PowerPC.

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