ncpfs—Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

Linux supports a very wide array of networking protocol, and software exists to tap into virtually any network server, and even become a server for non-Unix clients.
A Use of ncpfs in Real Life:

My school, the Hebrew University High School in Jerusalem Israel ( decided to go on-line about one year ago. We had a 60-computer Novell network already up and running, and we dedicated one DX4-100 for the job of Internet server. However, in many cases students and teachers wanted (or were required) to write their own WWW pages. At first, that person would write a page, and I would copy it to the Internet server manually. This is a very clumsy solution that worked only at first, and it doesn't allow the user to edit their pages.

At some point I found ncpfs. It was a very experimental project then, but it did most of what I needed it to do. Right now, our Novell server ( is always mounted by our Linux Internet server ( as /novell (a cron script checks that this is so, and mounts the server if not). The httpd web server automatically looks for pages in a specific directory inside the Novell hierarchy, which solves the problem. This directory, say G:\WWW, contains our entire home page. When a student wishes to create a home page, he requests that a directory be opened for him under that directory, say G:\WWW\HOME\JOE. He receives Novell write permission to that directory, and is able to edit HTML files with his favorite web editor. This technique also allows everyone to use DOS and Windows to edit HTML files, which in our case is what the Novell clients run. Therefore, a user edits an HTML file through Windows and checks it with Netscape, while the page is LIVE, since the Linux machine mounts the Novell server.

Shay Rojansky is a 17-year-old high school student and Computer Science student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He works in his high school as a system administrator (mainly Linux) and in the CS institute at the Hebrew University as a lab assistant. You can send him email at



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Is it possible to create a Netware partition under Linux?

Fer C.'s picture

I have installed Novell SUSE Enterprise Server with the add-on OES 2 to include eDirectory, etc. Also, I added a new 500GB hard disk besides the two hard disk in the server. This new 500GB hard disk, I would like to create 4 Netware volumes. How could I create those volumes for Netware and not Linux?

Thank you for any info.

how to install?

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Hello! I've tried to install ncpfs-2.2.6 but had problems. I've got Ubuntu with kernel 2.6.14-22. Here my outputs for commands 'make' and 'make install':

Israel Versions

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First of all you should live in Jerusalem, Israel. Only this way it could work properly

linux and novel 3.12

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we r having a novell 3.12 server working as a file and print server nad many custom made applications running on it , we wanted 2 shift to linux so we made a LINUX RHEL 3 server , but problem is even after installing NCPFS and IPXUTILS , we cannot mount netware volumes or do any work , it always gives the same messsage for every action . "ADDRESS FAMILY NOT SUPPORTED" any

Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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Question: is anyone working on a version of ncpfs that doesn't require IPX? Since NetWare 5.0 and higher support native IP, most large NetWare shops are trying to get away from IPX.


Doug Black

Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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Yes you can use the switch -A with the -S, -U, -V and -P switches. -A uses IP or DNS name. It will only use the IP protocol instead of IPX.

Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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PLEASE PLEASE... does ncpfs support IP only NDS? It it the last Linux piece we need to fall into place at my organization. IPX support seems to be just fine but what about native IP? This FAQ seems to say that it does but I have found no information on how to use it.


Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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I have a question, since you sound like an expert!

I have setup a ncpfs share on my redhat 8.0 box that maps a drive to my netware 5.1 server. I can see all the files from the redhat server. However when I try to publish these pages to our website any file over 12KB displays as an empty (blank) page.

I can open the file from the redhat server, but not through a web browser. Which leads me to believe it's a problem with the web server (Apache). Unfortuanty I know less about Apache than I do about ncpfs. So any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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I am looking for the same thing.

If anyone would be so kind to reply with answer and/or email.


Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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The newer version of the ncpfs can be used to mount netware volumes using UDP instead of IPX. You just need to add the option -A to the ncpmount command.

example: ncpmount -S MyServer -A -U User -V ServerVolume /mnt/Netware

I created a bash script that can somewhat automate this if you want to check it out let me know, at, and I can email it to you. Hope this helps.


Re: Take Command: ncpfs--Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux

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I too am looking for a TCP replacement. We are currently examining the AuditLogon NLM that is available. Please email me if you find anything.

Jeff Smith (

University of New Brunswick

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