wc—Word Count

A simple command with a lot of uses.


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Word Count using Unix command

Shiv Kumar's picture

Hi all,
I tried to find the word count using below command.

$ cat yadav |grep -w 'IOBAS'

It was showing 3, I want to inform you that I have 7 IOBAS text in a yadav file. please guide me to find word count.

Shiv Kumar

line count and compare

Anonymous's picture

check out the free line count and compare app bcscr at http://bcscr.sourceforge.net/

When you don't have Linux

Omarh's picture

I use a website for word and character count:


Very easy :-)

..then you need to get it

Roman's picture


Omarh, hope you don't mind. Thanks for the link.

But the summary on wc is great. Thank you Alexandre!

(PS: Your daughter must be 22 now. My goodness, how time flies!)