Legal Battles Ended

The three year criminal investigatin of the author of PGP - Pretty Good Privacy is over - the case was closed without prosecution.
The Latest, The Greatest

Linus Torvalds has stated that another code freeze is about to go into effect, which will result in a new stable version of Linux. Linus has stated that he is leaning towards calling this new version 2.0 instead of 1.4 (just call it Linux 96...), since it now supports multiple platforms and multi-processing.

A few months after the new stable release is made, Linux Journal will include an article on how to upgrade safely from version 1.2, just as we did for upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2. We will also detail the changes. Here's a preview:

Improvements in the new version will include (but not be limited to!) support for more hardware, bug fixes, major performance enhancements (some benchmarks have improved by 200-300%), and new networking features. In particular, new filesystem support has been added to allow Linux systems to mount Novell file servers (ncpfs) and Windows shared volumes (smbfs).