What's GNU

This month's column takes a brief look at the GNU coding standards, a document that describes how to write and package GNU software.

The GNU Coding Standards is a worthwhile document to read if you wish to develop new GNU software, enhance existing GNU software, or just wish to learn how to be a better programmer. The principles and techniques it espouses are what make GNU software the preferred choice of the Unix community.


As mentioned, the released version of the standards covers its topics in a rather haphazard order. As a result of working on this column, I volunteered to re-organize them into several related chapters. This new version may be available by the time you read this article; keep an eye on your nearest GNU mirror site.

Arnold Robbins is a professional programmer and semi-professional author. He has been doing volunteer work for the GNU project since 1987 and working with UNIX and UNIX-like systems since 1981. Questions and/or comments can be sent by e-mail to arnold@gnu.ai.mit.edu