Linux Programming Hints

Building shared libraries for Linux is often considered a black art. In this article, Eric explains five simple steps to producting a standard Linux shared library and tells the cuious where to find more information
Trail's End

This article has outlined a method for creating a simple shared library from scratch. This basic method provides a starting point for understanding and constructing a shared library. Many other topics are covered and more depth is presented in “Using DLL Tools With Linux” by David Engel and Eric Youngdale. This document can be found in the doc directory provided with the tools 2.16 distribution. Information on both DLLs and ELF can also be found in the GCC FAQ, which can be retrieved via anonymous ftp from as file /pub/linux/GCC-FAQ.

Eric Kasten ( has been a systems programmer since 1989. Presently, he is pursuing his masters in computer science at Michigan State University, where his research focuses on networking and distributed systems. Well thought out comments and questions may be emailed to him.



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