Introduction to LINCKS

A lot of noise has been made lately about “Computer Supported Cooperative Work” (CSCW) and “groupware”. This is an introduction to using an interesting CSCW product, which is licensed under the GNU GPL and is available for Linux. Another article will cover building a small CSCW application with LINCKS.
Last words

In the next article, we will cover in more detail how to define your own views (GPDs) and their different parts (structure, access, expand, format, and auto-links) by building a very small application.

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Martin Sjolin is currently pursuing a PhD in the Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Linköping, Sweden, in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He is responsible for support and development of LINCKS, when he is not browsing the net. He enjoys cooking, backpacking, skiing, wind surfing, canoeing and reading, whenever he is not hacking on LINCKS or Linux/Mac!