Game Editor

Skip the "garage stage" on your path to IT stardom with Game Editor, a free, open-source game creation application that lets you design and create exciting, interactive games for fun or profit. Game Editor runs under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and lets users develop games for Linux, Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC platforms. Game types include 2-D arcade, puzzle, board, role-playing, shoot-em-up, jump and run, and side-scroller games. The simple, intuitive interface lets beginners design and create games that are fun and exciting. A power scripting language is included. Prototyping is easy, which prevents wasting time on making boring games. Because Game Editor is distributed under the GPL v3 license, advanced programmers can modify the game creation source code and create games with unique features. Game editor is developed and maintained by Makslane Rodrigues.