Fabric Engine's Creation Platform

The crew at Fabric Engine built the new open-source Creation Platform—a framework for building custom, high-performance graphics applications—because they found off-the-shelf DCC applications not flexible enough for studios' needs. By providing the major building blocks for tool creation, says Fabric Engine, Creation Platform allows developers to spend less time building back-end architectures and more time building critical workflows and high-performance functionality into their tools. Fabric Engine took this approach in response to the rise of performance-hungry applications like simulation and virtual production. Because existing solutions are not keeping pace, says the company, studios have had little choice until now but to build from scratch to fulfill their creative requirements—something that is outside their core business. Key features of the Creation Platform include the Fabric Core Execution Engine for exceptional performance out of both CPUs and GPUs, modularity, extensibility and accessibility. Most Creation applications are built using Python and Qt.