Tell us about your favorite Linux distribution!

by gnome on January 9, 2008

I've used distributions based on Redhat, Suse, Slackware, Debian and
Gentoo and tried a lot of other ones listed on distrowatch. It really
depends on what I'm trying to accomplish and what problem I'm faced
with... I've developed my own Linux From Scratch before as well as
worked from a Stage 1 Gentoo installation...

For embedded development I do custom builds using BusyBox, uCLibC and
Linux 2.6.

For enterprise computing using Oracle I use RHEL. (CentOS is also a good alternative.)

For day to day desktop computing I tend to use Fedora or Debian (I have
both setup at home.)

I like Monowall, Firecop and a few others for instant security oriented

In the interest of time I'll stop here but the general gist of what I'm
saying is it really depends upon the problem and how adventurous I'm