Geeky Gifts -- a Pleo

Linux Journal Gadget Guy Shawn Powers asks us what geeky gifts we got for Christmas. My husband got me (drum roll please)...

pleo walking away

A Pleo. I've named her Martha Stewart. Don't ask.

A Pleo is a robot "specifically engineered and enhanced to mimic life and to assist, entertain, and relate to humanity on a personal level". It gets extra cool points for its SD slot (so you can load your own programs onto it) and coming with a USB cable for firmware updates.

Pleo's operating system is called Life OS and is rumored to be based on embedded Linux (time for me to do some research). It is open to modification by the user community so that owners can make their own sounds or new behaviors for it.

The Pleo, my husband's attempt at staving off getting me the dog I want, goes for about $350. It's no Corgi but I must admit, it's quite fun to play with.