There's nothing like getting a hundred or so e-mail messages and calls about your web site being down to feel loved. :-) Seriously though, thank you to everyone who wrote and called us yesterday to check in. We're back!

Linux was down from the morning hours on Thursday to the wee morning hours today (Friday). Nothing malicious, just a faulty cable. Why the ~20 hours to replace a cable you'll certainly ask... we actually asked our hosting provider for a statement this morning but as of the time of this post we've yet to receive one (although the president Chris Orlando did pass on his apologies). has been a great provider to us over the years. Things happen. But indeed, we too were frustrated by the lack of a site yesterday (and even more frustrated to hear a single cable was the cause). Our apologies to you all.

We're trying to make it up to you today with some new and extra fun content. Check out Dave Phillips' Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 2, Gadget Guy Shawn Powers' review of the Linutop, and of course interesting breaking news. Watch for more from next week -- we'll be writing and posting stories as usual through the holidays (hey, you'll need a break from the in-laws and we're here for you).