Social Media for a Cause - Frozen Peas, Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago, a woman named Susan Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer. She used a bag of frozen peas to ease her pain and swelling from her biopsy. After posting a photo of herself with peas on her chest, the subsequent outpouring of support was and still is remarkable.

Susan Reynolds has friends. Lots of friends. She has friends that blog, friends that twitter, and these friends are pretty good at getting the word out. Over the last couple of weeks, those of you who use twitter may have noticed a fair number of users' photos turning pea green in support of Susan. Mine is now green as well.

Thanks to another active blogger and social media advocate, Connie Reece, and others, today is the first "Frozen Pea Friday." You can read more at about their fundraising efforts. There is also a flickr group dedicated to images of those who have, for lack of a better term, "pea'd themselves." More photos are being added by the minute.

Susan is blogging about her diagnosis and treatment quite candidly at her blog appropriately called "Boobs on Ice."

I wish Susan well in her upcoming battle, and I congratulate her friends on using web technology to spread their message quickly. However you feel about "social media" or "social networks," and I know many are tired of these terms, this really is the "age of information" at its best.