Another Ultra Mobile PC

I think I have taken neurosis to a new level. Ever since the LinuxWorld show, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Asus EeePC. Anticipating the $200 version, I was thinking the "Impulse" buy defense.

Even though that version did not surface, my obsession with the 4GB version continued to grow. Quietly watching when availability was announced, in stock, out of stock, in stock, out of stock, buy it, don't buy it...

The weekly taunts of, “come on just buy it” from our webmistress. Still I refrained, why, because I do not honestly need it, but I want it...However, I stayed true. I have other things I must spend money on at the moment, such as the holidays, household bills, and oh yeah, replace the cell phone with the non functioning keys.

I am now down to only glancing at the book marked page occasionally, so I am confident that the crisis is subsiding. Now I hear of the Cloudbook, Are you kidding me? Seriously, is there a support group I can join? Another ultra mobile pc with release date 1 month away, I foresee this unhealthy obsession continuing into early spring.