Making Wonderful Penguin Music

by gnome on November 28, 2007

I'm really into electronic music and just recently thought about making some. Linux, being my favorite kernel in the world, and Fedora and Debian being my favorite distributions, I figured what better way to get into electronic music than putting the Penguin to work? So I hop on google, and find a wonderful site called It has a great selection of tools in one place. I read some very basic reviews and RoseGarden seems to be the winner so now I'm off to smell some roses...

Ohh and one more thing... While researching music making software the thought came to me about the uproar electronic music made when it first hit the scene. "Ohh no!!!" cried many a musician, "My job is going to be taken away from me! What do I do?" Hrmm, kind of reminds me of the way many music executives are crying foul about the new type of "electronic music," the one sans CD.