December 2007 -- Issue #164

The December issue of Linux Journal focuses on Linux-based notebooks. If you haven't yet experienced the joy of a finely tuned, preloaded Linux laptop, crack open James Gray's notebook buying guide to find yours. Once your notebook is purring like a kitten, make it snarl with this issue's wide selection of articles on maximizing its functionality. See Ben Martin's article setting up an on-line encrypted backup scheme, Federico Kereki's piece on getting wireless devices without native Linux support working with NDISwrapper and Surdas Mohit's how-to on making your notebook a triple-boot superstar.

Have an older notebook collecting dust? While Dan Sawyer argues that you should make it a multitrack recorder, Joseph Quigley says make it a server.

Had enough of notebooks for now? Turn your attention to our interview with Sean Moss-Pultz of the OpenMoko Project, whose goal is to create the world's best open mobile devices. Or, see what our world-class columnists have to say this month: Reuven Lerner connects Web apps to Facebook; Dave Taylor creates a command-line calculator app; Doc Searls observes geek-driven changes to the traditional corporation; and Marcel Gagné (who else would?) taunts you with glorious ASCII games from your childhood.

We hope you enjoy the notebook issue, and as always, we welcome your feedback.


  • The State of the Market: a Laptop Buying Guide by James Gray
    LJ helps you find the right Linux laptop.
  • On-line Encrypted Backups for Your Laptop by Ben Martin
    FUSE your laptop.
  • Getting Wireless the NDISwrapper Way by Federico Kereki
    The NDISwrapper for making wireless devices work on Linux.
  • My Triple-Boot Laptop by Surdas Mohit
    So nice, install it thrice.


  • Interview with Sean Moss-Pulz by Adam M. Dutko
    A glimpse into the mind of the phone liberator: Sean Moss-Pultz on the OpenMoko Project.
  • Portable Hard Disk Recorder How-To by Dan Sawyer
    Build a multitrack recorder on an old laptop.
  • Ye Old Laptop As A Server by Joseph Quigley
    Don't throw away that old laptop just yet.
  • Quake, Meet GPL; GPL, Meet Quake by Shawn Powers
    What do you get when you cross Quake 3 with water balloons? A whole lot of fun!
  • Get Organized with Emacs Org-Mode by Abhijeet Chavan
    Is Emacs an editor or PIM?
  • Grubby Gems by Daniel Bartholomew
    Linux offerings from Grubby Games.
  • MySQL Stored Procedures: Next Big Thing or Relic of the Past? by Guy Harrison
    Do MySQL 5 Stored Procedures produce tiers of joy or sorrow?


  • Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge
  • Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux
    Exciting Arcade Action in Glorious ASCII
  • Dave Taylor's Work the Shell
    Solve: a Command-Line Calculator
  • Doc Searls' EOF
    The Power of the Individual, Modeled by Open-Source Development

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