Since you made the business decision, watch out for us newbies!

I am not a long time subscriber and in fact I still consider myself a newbie. I have been reading LJ since December 2007 when I began the switch over to Linux. Many of the articles are over my head even to this day. Why do I keep reading LJ you might ask? I love Linux. I love what it has done for my hobby. Since Linux is free (as in beer) I have freely given Linux to others. Not just as in giving them a CD but as in giving them a used PC with Linux on it. This has opened up a new world to people that could not otherwise own a PC. Linux promotes this type of atmosphere and LJ is part of that promotion. I read all of the articles LJ so that I can glean some small tool or idea that will help me understand Linux better. So what I would like to see in the new digital version is more articles for us newbies that have been hanging in there with all you old timers. You don't have to change LJ's format. Just add a few more articles for us. When I first started with LJ, you had Marcel Gagne's cooking with Linux. That was very helpful in many ways and kept me coming back for more. I personally would like to learn a little about programming and they say that Python would be a good beginner's choice so a series on Python would be nice. Thanks for opening up this forum for us to share our ideas with you.