Would like to see improvements to Accessing Digital Mag

I was Jonesing for a new mag and was wondering if the latest issue was out.
- Sugg: Perhaps I could be emailed a link when it does

So I went to the Download site, and couldn't remember if September was issue 209 or not. So I clicked download and was prompted to save the file name I could see that I already had it. Then Canceled.

- Sugg: Perhaps the Digital files could have an icon of the cover

Then I thought about buying magazines at the store, and how you are free to open them, review the contents, and if it was a reputable magazine see if there was actual content worth reading vs ads ads ads.

- Sugg: Perhaps Linux Journal Digital could offer Downloads of the first few pages including the contents and letters section.

As magazines generally rely on the impulse shopper to pick up the magazine and purchase it, perhaps you could model your site closer to that paradigm.

Billy B