Why is the LJ site still not doing HTTPS connections for auth now that it's Digital only? (Does Android too)

Question: Why is the LJ site still not doing HTTPS connections (even if just for login/authentication)? And now that it's an all Digital publication it should be mandatory, don't you think?

I enjoy LJ or wouldn't be a long time subscriber/supporter. Please respect your readers and supporters by protecting their activities with LJ.

For example, you do realize that Forum-like sites are some of the most frequently targeted for being vandalized. PHPBB has been a prime example.

Then there's the fact you have contact information, subscription information, etc. If any one really populates their profile, they've made themselves a target for a greater chance of identity theft. Oh, and if they're dumb enough to use a common password, they deserve to raked over.

Please, do us a favor. Please properly implement https://www.linuxjournal.com . Because right now, if you accept the non-site matching Cert, your homepage says, "It works!" (That's so 1990 and embarrassing.)

Thanks in advance, Mark S.

PS. Don't forget to encrypt or hash our site passwords in your database. You wouldn't want further embarrassment (like the PerlMonks were a few years ago.)

PPS. Make sure your Android App is also using HTTPS please. Mobile connections need SSL too.