Why does an American magazine, distributed world wide, have problems with printing?

I ask this because I live in Belgium, one of the smallest countries in Europe. In fact some magazines here do not even reach half the population, being either printed in Dutch or French. Some magazines here are possibly even more specific than Linux Journal, e.g. Elektuur (Elektor), printed in Dutch (ok, the market base here is 6 mio Flemish + 15 mio Holland, but even then). There is also a Dutch 'Linux Magazine', which also appears in print format.

I will not be cancelling my subscription, but after a whole day being behind a screen, it is nice to read something physical. It is also less straining on my eyes. Luckily, I have still my Scientific American in print format. You know, Linux Journal and Scientific American are (were) for me the only two magazines I really found it worth paying for.