Seriously disappointed with the PDF

Just got around to downloading the PDF copy and I have to say that's it's immensely disappointing. Previous issues were around about 84 pages. The October issue is now 115 pages and although the PDF file has been authored for the same size page as previous issues (8.13" x 10.88"), it's now in huge print with very little content on each page.

I don't like reading my issue on the screen and prefer to print it out (on A4 paper in the UK). After it's been thoroughly read it then gets recycled.

I'm very, very, very disappointed with Linux Journal. Not only have you alienated all of those users who don't want a digital format, you've now alienated a user who was happy with your existing digital offering.

Perhaps you'd care to reply with your reasoning for this and details of how I can get the old PDF format back.