No Downloads (local copies): Tech Issue or Legal (IP) Issue?

I'm a new subscriber now accessing LJ via the Texterity app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ running android 3.2 (it looks very good... I'm happy.. I don't miss the paper). I'm surprised and unhappy over the realization that downloaded issues aren't preserved, and appear to be deleted once the present session ends. I notice this issue has been raised for many months already, with no apparent substantial response or change. I'd like to get a clarification on what the issue is here. Is this behavior by design purposefully to assert or protect the legal IP rights of either LJ or Texterity? Or, is this inability to locally save issues purely a product of a Version 1.0 (or less?) release? Or, is this restrictive behavior a product of Androids architecture... perhaps necessitated by the needs to preserve compatibilities across several OS versions and hundreds of different hardware devices? Does LJ (I'll separately query Texterity about this) have any issues with me hacking my own kernel/environment to over-ride this behavior?