Linux pre-installed on laptops

I am a long-term Linux fan and I want to buy my youngest daughter a netbook. A couple of years ago I bought her older sister an Acer Aspire One with Linpus, which I switched to UNR. However, today in the UK I cannot find that or any other netbook which doesn't run Windows.

I bought myself an Windows computer a year ago and zapped it straight away to install Ubuntu, but I really don't want to shell out money to support Microsoft when I have no intention of using their software.

So what is the situation in the States? Do any other UK readers know of any suppliers who can provide Linux based (or OS free) netbooks?

I have heard of people claiming a refund for the OS... does anyone have real world experience of doing this in the UK? If so, with what company? I'm feeling very frustrated right now that no manufacturers are supporting the Linux community, and are in this way making Microsoft even more ubiquitous. I just wish I had the money to start my own business importing and selling hardware from the Far East with the best OS choice in the world - any flavour of Linux you like!

I look forward to any responses!