how to manually install xfce on tty7

Hi everybody,

I'm using linux at home and I've tried the Ubuntu desktop version and it works fine but I wanted the ubuntu on my PC to contain just what i need and nothing else.

So I went about installing just a command line version from an alternate cd of ubuntu, and started installing every piece of required software manually via apt-get, including xorg and xfce of course.

To start an X session, a startx works fine, but it seems the startx am doing all the time is like a dependency of my tty1 login that i see everytime i boot up. The problem I have is that if I do a ctl-alt-f1 and press enter to get the login prompt and i login, it kills my X session. A ctl-alt-f[2-6] works fine, i can get the tty2 to tty6 prompts no problem and I can revert back to ctl-alt-f7 to get back to my X session.

I compared the w command on a Ubuntu desktop cd install and it shows a tty1 to tty7 logins whereas on my custom install, i only have a tty1.

I want to be able to do a ctl-alt-f1 to get to tty1 without killing my X session, so I thought I need to manually make my X session start from tty7, and i need help on how to manually achieve that.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.