Going digital is fine but the formats are a joke

PDF is a bad imitation of a print magazine. Now the non-existent print magazine. PDF has never been a proper digital format for delivering the magazine. Yes, I have the PDF’s stored but have I ever read a single article form them? No.

"Enhanced Digital Edition”? An even worse insult to a paying customer. It’s like all the similar bad imitations of print magazines being tried on people in the last 10 years. And most people still don’t want such a craptastic on-screen format.

A dedicated app? Yeah right, just what I need. Another app that tries to replicate something that can be achieved without one.

Just give us a proper ePub version already. I for one do not want an imitation of a paper product. I want something done in a format meant for the eReader / iPad it’s going to be read on. In the FAQ you mention more features in the future like interactivity and video. These are things that can be accommodated by a format such as ePub and it can be used by the users in their favorite reader / management apps. It is a format specifically meant for this purpose.

Bottom line. PDF or “EDE” are not options. It’s either ePub* or I’ll walk.

* ePub being an example. There are other formats but I guess it’s the one I’m familiar with using.