Digital edition in the stone ages

I wondered why I hadn't received an LJ issue in what seemed like months. So I managed to get logged into the subscription status page(s) and found that I had indeed paid to renew my subscription. Upon further reading I discovered that LJ stopped printing and has gone digital only. Sigh.

So first thing I do is go to look at the current digital edition. IMHO it sux.

The digital edition of the magazine is awful. I'm not talking about the content. I'm talking about the format, the form factor. This proprietary digital edition reader non sense. My local newspaper does something similar. It allows the publisher to retain the print look and feel, to an extent. But it's utterly awful to use as a reader.

Just use html and the browser the way it was intended to be used for cryin out loud.

This digital edition reader is a big step backwards. Drop the old publishing model. Get current. The web is 20 years old. Wake up.