Combine PHP with jQuery to create interactive web applications using Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce 'PHP jQuery Cookbook', a new book which will help develop applications that are compatible with all major browsers without writing codes targeted at specific browsers. Written by Vijay Joshi, this book covers a wide array of technical aspects of creating an interactive website.

The power combo of PHP and jQuery helps in bridging the gap between desktop applications and web applications. It also brings about comprehensive solutions to problems that may occur while building web applications which will helps developers save hours of tedious manual debugging.

PHP jQuery Cookbook covers the database integration which forms an important part of any dynamic web application. Developers can enhance their user experience and page interaction using AJAX. They would also be able to work with JSON and XML for efficient data exchange.

With the help of this book, users will gain expertise in debugging JavaScript with the help of useful tools. They can debug and execute jQuery code on a live website as well as design interactive forms and menus. This book covers most of the essential issues faced while developing a web application and gives solutions to them.

Anyone who wants to create a web application using a blend of PHP and jQuery and are familiar with the basics of JavaScript will find this book an interesting and beneficial read. This book is out now and available from Packt. For more information please visit…