APODIO - Gnu/Linux OS /// Call for participation


date : from 23rd to 27th of August @ APO33 RESEARCH LAB /// 17 rue Paul Bellamy 44000/Nantes/FR

You are warmly welcome to participate to build the new APODIO version(Gnu/Linux distribution)

This new version will be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (a stable version we hope!!)


-programmer : script & compilation languages (bash/python/php/c/c++)

-King or Queen of compilation (a number of software still need to be compiled to work) + .deb package to make

-Beta-tester (compilation, software version test, bugs tracker of any kind / help for the forgotten software...) /// +++ bugtracker to install!

-graphisme: icone, design, website...

-documentation: some much to document /// howto for newbies /// advanced users of apodio /// make your own...etc

-promotion: from sourceforge to the user /// media / mailing list / forum +++

-technical help to newbies // workshop / presentation (admin of sourceforge forum)

minimal requirements:

-bring your own computer (if you don't have a laptop, we could find something here)
-a minimum of knowledge of Gnu/Linux OS & Apodio
-housing in Nantes (we should find something for those who come from outside Nantes)

contact: julien@apo33.org