Table 1. FTP Commands Specified by RFC 959

RFC 959 Command Description
USER Used to specify user name.
PASS Used to specify password.
PWD Print working directory.
CWD Change working directory.
CDUP Change to working directory's parent directory.
TYPE Set data type: IMAGE (binary), ASCII, EBCDIC or L (local
MODE Set data-flow type to stream, block or compressed;
PASV Tells server to prepare to receive a data channel in “passive”
PORT Tells server to open (send) a data channel in “active”
RETR Retrieve (read) a file.
STOR Send (write) a file.
APPE Send a file; if it already exists then append it to the extant
REST Fast-forward to specified file position. Must be followed by a
RNFR Rename from: must be followed on the same line by a RNTO
RNTO Rename to: must be preceded on the same line by a RNFR command.
STOU Send (write) a file; change its filename if it already exists.
ABOR Cancel previous command and any resulting activity
DELE Delete file.
RMD Remove directory.
MKD Make directory.
LIST List filenames, with file info.
NLST List filenames only.
SYST Ask server its system type.
STAT List attributes of a specified file or the print status of
QUIT Terminate session.