Emacs' built-in help system: Ctrl-H

The etc directory in your Emacs tree

GNU Emacs Home Page:

The Author's .emacs:

The Emacs Web Ring:

emacs for vi Users”:

“GNU Emacs Tutorial”, Sarir Khamsi (old, but useful):

“very unofficial dotemacs home”, Ingo Koch

“The Emacs Beginner's HOWTO”, Jeremy D. Zawodny:

“How do I make common modifications to my Gnu Emacs .emacs file? GNU Emacs Manual—Init Examples”, rupe:

Tips—emacs “Nifty ways to get your work done in /the/ editor”:

Modes Discussed in This Article That Do Not Come with Emacs

Html Helper Mode:

Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE):


LDP Author Guide, Mark F. Komarinski, Jorge Godoy and David C. Merrill: Will help you set up and use SGML and XML, especially DocBook. Also shows how to customize Emacs.

Emacs/W3 v4.0: