Table 1. Categories of Locale and Shell Variables

Category Description
LC_CTYPE Encoding information. From a programmer's point of view,
LC_COLLATE Category related to sorting, e.g., strcoll() and the sort
LC_MESSAGES POSIX/NLS locale indicates the language for
LC_MONETARY Describes how to show money; localeconv() is the only function
LC_NUMERIC Describes how to show general numbers, e.g., the character for
LC_TIME Indicates how to display time and date, e.g., AM/PM and day-month-year
LC_RESPONSE The XPG2 category describes local answers
LC_ALL This auxiliary category works as a wildcard and helps set the same
LANG NLS category. If LC_ALL is not set, it works as LC_ALL. Indicates
NLSPATH Shell variable points to localized objects' location in XPG. X11 and Motif may use it.