Table 2. Members in the acct struct

Member Name Type Description
ac_flag char Special flags showing process behaviors
ac_uid u_int16_t User ID of the process
ac_gid u_int16_t Group ID of the process
ac_tty u_int16_t Controlling terminal of the process
ac_btime u_int_32_t Process start time
ac_utime comp_t User time
ac_stime comp_t System time
ac_etime comp_t Elapsed time
ac_mem comp_t Average memory usage
ac_io comp_t Characters transferred
ac_rw comp_t Blocks read or written
ac_minflt comp_t Minor pagefaults
ac_majflt comp_t Major pagefaults
ac_swaps comp_t Number of swaps
ac_exitcode u_int32_t Process exitcode
ac_comm char[] First 16 characters of command name
ac_pad char[] Padding bytes