Linux Journal—I remember being one of the five companies advertising in the first issue of Linux Journal. While Linux companies have come and gone, Linux Journal continues to be there. I wish Phil, Carlie, Doc and the rest of the gang the best of luck, and look forward to the next 100 issues.”

—Larry Augustin, founder of VA Linux and CEO of VA Software

Linux Journal's early success should be attributed to a strong, focused team that built the industry's premier Linux news source on the cornerstones of honest, hard work; solid journalism; a professional, fair approach to business; and effective partnering with those individuals and companies who—early on—labored to make Linux what it is today.”

—Lyle Ball, Linux marketing consultant and former senior executive of Caldera and Lineo.

Linux Journal has been a great source for understanding how to use Linux and where it's heading next. Keep it coming!”

—Mike Balma, director of marketing for HP open source and Linux

“It is a rare honor to have the attention of such a fine audience. As many of you know, I am a man of few words, so I will make it short. Linux Journal is simply superbe. This tastefully done publication captures the full flavor of Linux. Spiced with in-depth columns and piquant writing, the pages of Linux Journal continue to bring out the subtle nuances and delicate sensory joys of this most excellent operating system. In short, Linux Journal is the perfect magazine with any wine.”

—François, head waiter at Restaurant Chez Marcel

“I still fondly remember the Python Supplement that LJ published. It was the largest concentrated amount of publicity for Python to date and will be remembered for its controversial cover photo of a naked piano player, in the tradition of the Monty Python troupe. Great class! I wish the LJ covers were as fanciful as that supplement's.”

—Guido van Rossum, director of PythonLabs at Zope Corporation, creator of Python

Linux Journal took two years of my life, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt! And bumper sticker! And reference cards! And stack of magazines! ;-)

No, seriously: Linux Journal played a key role in Linux's progress from a project to an international phenomenon.”

—Michael Johnson (former editor of Linux Journal and currently manager of kernel engineering at Red Hat

Linux Journal has helped not only to create an industry, but greatly change the entire IT industry itself through informed, nonbiased, well-written editorial. They are a visionary magazine that has helped shape an industry, through Linux and open source, and then assisted by helping the world to see its benefit through informed articles and interviews.”

—Ransom Love, CEO of Caldera

Linux Journal is more than just a magazine about Linux, it is a part of the community. From the early days of the Linux movement, it has always brought the first and the best to its readership. Finding it in my mailbox is like finding an old friend at my front door. I am happy that it is celebrating its 100th edition, and may it celebrate 10,000 more.”

—Jon “maddog” Hall, founder of Linux International

“Phil Hughes is the only man capable of getting me to ride his motorcycle around town dressed in a penguin costume. But then again, who wouldn't honor such a request from the man who brought us not only Linux Journal, but a plethora of books, on-line publications and GNU utilities reference cards? For these I am forever in his debt. Congratulations on your 100th issue!”

—Scott McNeil, executive director, Free Standards Group

Linux Journal, in print and on-line, is a real resource to the community. Congratulations to SSC, the editors and writers! Kudos for having provided a consistent, well-written vehicle with which I can stay informed of signficant technical developments and projects.”

—Tim Ney, executive director, GNOME Foundation

“I'm glad to have a venue where I can do something as technical as building an embedded Linux system with BusyBox. The readership has been very good. I get a lot of letters.”

—Bruce Perens, former Debian GNU/Linux project leader, currently senior strategist for Linux and open-source for HP

Linux Journal has attracted some of the smartest and most passionate editors and contributors I've ever met and then, somehow managed to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Here's to the next 100 issues of can't-miss reading!”

—Leslie Proctor, president, Proctor Resources

“The redering for Titanic that Digital Domain did in 1997 was the obvious start of a big trend that Linux Journal was the first to cover. That project was damn early on the curve. Somewhat painful at the time but well worth it.”

—Daryll Strauss, former software engineer at Digital Domain, now a high-end Linux 3-D consultant to the software and motion picture industries.

“I am pleased to see Linux Journal has successfully served the needs of the GNU/Linux community from inception through its first 100 issues, and I look forward to seeing it continue doing so over the next 100 issues and beyond.

—David Sugar, GNU Bayonne project leader

“I've been a subscriber to Linux Journal since issue #1. I remember when I first heard about the publication of LJ and was very excited to hear that Linux had become important enough to rate its own magazine. Of course, since then Linux has grown more than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Linux Journal has been around to document the ups and downs of the Linux community for the past 100 issues. Hopefully it will be around to do the same for another 100.”

—Ted Ts'o, senior technical staff member of the Linux Base Technology Team for IBM's Linux Technology Center

“In an industry where trade rags come and go, it's great to see something as solid and stable as Linux Journal. You've really hit the sweet spot. Happy 100th, LJ!”

—Larry Wall, creator of the Perl scripting language

Linux Journal not only follows the beat of the Open Source movement, it sets the rhythm and baseline for the Linux community. From enterprise to embedded, Linux Journal enlightens, explains, elucidates and entertains—enjoyed and employed by experts, entrepreneurs, educators and enthusiasts.

—Bill Weinburg, director of marketing, MontaVista

LJ has grown to be a must-read source of information about Linux development and applications. Here's to the next 100 great issues!”

—Timothy Witham, OSDL lab director