Listing 2. Minimal tty Driver

#define TINY_TTY_MAJOR  240  /* experimental range */
#define TINY_TTY_MINORS 255  /* use the whole
                                major up */
static int tty_refcount;
static struct tty_struct *tiny_tty[TINY_TTY_MINORS];
static struct termios *tiny_termios[TINY_TTY_MINORS];
static struct termios

static struct tty_driver tiny_tty_driver {
       magic:          TTY_DRIVER_MAGIC,
       driver_name:    "tiny_tty",
       name:           "tts/ttty%d",
       name:           "ttty",
       major:          TINY_TTY_MAJOR,
       num:            TINY_TTY_MINORS,
       type:           TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SERIAL,
       subtype:        SERIAL_TYPE_NORMAL,
       flags:          TTY_DRIVER_REAL_RAW |

       refcount:       &tiny_refcount,
       table:          tiny_tty,
       termios:        tiny_termios,
       termios_locked: tiny_termios_locked,

       open:           tiny_open,
       close:          tiny_close,
       write:          tiny_write,
       write_room:     tiny_write_room,

static int __init tiny_init (void)
       /* register the tty driver */
       tiny_tty_driver.init_termios = tty_std_termios;
       tiny_tty_driver.init_termios.c_cflag =
         B9600 | CS8 | CREAD | HUPCL | CLOCAL;
       if (tty_register_driver (&tiny_tty_driver)) {
           printk (KERN_ERR "failed to register
                   tiny tty driver");
           return -1;
       return 0;

static void __exit tiny_exit (void)
       tty_unregister_driver (&tiny_tty_driver);

module_init (tiny_init);
module_exit (tiny_exit);