Table 1. OS X vs. Debian GNU/Linux

  OS X 10.1.2 Debian 2.2
Kernel Darwin 1.4.1 Linux 2.2.19
Runs on Macs, but Darwin x86, Alpha, ARM,
  runs on x86 680x0, PowerPC, SPARC
Open Source Kernel yes, Yes
  GUI no
License Darwin comes under GPL
  the Apple Public Source
Price $129 at Free via FTP,
  Apple Store; CDs vary in price
  Darwin is free
X Windows Separate download; Included
  see the XonX Project
The GIMP Separate download Included
GNOME Separate download Included
KDE No Separate download
Package FINK, separate apt-get
Manager download, based on
Shells tcsh is default; bash (default) and many others
  bash and others included
  available separately
Editors Emacs, vi, TextEdit Emacs, XEmacs, vi, pico,
  included; others joe, Vim, AbiWord, etc.
  available separately included
ssh, sshd Included Included
E-mail Apps (GUI app); pine, mutt included
  pine, mutt available
Browser MSIE included; Netscape, Lynx included
  Mozilla, Netscape, OmniWeb,
  Opera, iCab, Lynx separate
MySQL, Separate download Included
Apache Included Included
Sendmail Included Included
BIND Included Included
FTP Server Included Included
Samba Included Included
Perl Included Included
Python Separate download Included
CVS Included Included
Compiler cc gcc
App Framework Cocoa GNUstep
Wireless Included Separate download
80211.b   (iwconfig etc. not found
support   in Debian on-line
    packages list)
Wine No Included