PASS = passed the test, PROBLEMS = passed the test but had minor problems, FAIL = didn't pass the test, N/A = not applicable


  1. Didn't warn about expired SSL certificate.
  2. Page loaded but did not render correctly.
  3. Downloaded a DLL file from eBay and then displayed page source.
  4. Form's Continue button doesn't work when creating auction, due to a JavaScript syntax error (Moxilla bug 91018).
  5. Displayed the wrong page for some selling categories (Antiques instead of Books) even though the link was correct.
  6. Returned “Page Not Found” errors when trying to show main page.
  7. Printed all pages instead of specified range.
  8. Print to file was only option that worked.
  9. Prints in color even if grayscale is selected.
  10. Saved page to disk but can't display saved pages properly.
  11. Allows saving pages with or without images.
  12. Have to right click on link and select Save Link As.
  13. Allows external downloader.