The Alzabo modules are available via CPAN (as “Alzabo”) or from the project home page on SourceForge ( Extensive documentation, organized by module in the traditional perldoc format, is available from that site as well. Almost all of the development on Alzabo is done by Dave Rolsky, who is active in the worlds of HTML::Mason and mod_perl as well as this project.

Alzabo is neither the first nor the only Perl system for mapping tables to objects. A different solution is Tangram, written by JLL and available from Tangram offers some nice functionality of its own and exclusively uses DBI for its database access, allowing you to use Tangram with any DBD, not only those that have specialized application drivers, as with Alzabo. However, Tangram doesn't appear to have the reverse-engineering capability of Alzabo, allowing you to work with legacy databases through this interface.