Listing 5. Memory Map of Kernel Module Size and Location

Sections:       Size      Address   Align
.this           0000004c  c4800000  2**2
.text           0000002c  c480004c  2**2
.rodata         000000ec  c4800080  2**5
.data           00000000  c480016c  2**2
.kstrtab        0000006c  c480016c  2**0
.bss            00000000  c48001d8  2**2
__ksymtab       00000018  c48001d8  2**2

00000000 a simple.c
c4800000 D __insmod_simple_Osimple.o_M3A24DFF7_V132096
c4800000 d __this_module
c480004c T __insmod_simple_S.text_L44
c480004c t .text
c480004c t init_module
c4800064 t cleanup_module
c4800080 r .rodata
c4800080 R __insmod_simple_S.rodata_L236
c480016c d .data
c48001d8 d .bss