Table 1. Some Basic Client Options for ssh_config

Parameter        Possible Values        Description
CheckHostIP       Yes / No       (Default=yes)
                        Whether to notice unexpected
                        source-IPs for known host keys. Warns user each
                        time discrepancies found.
Cipher            3des blowfish        (Default=3des)
                        Which block cipher should be used for encrypting
                        ssh v. sessions.
Ciphers           3des-cbc,         Order in which to try block ciphers than can be
            blowfish-cbc, arcfour,     used for encrypting ssh v.2 sessions.
Compression       Yes / No       Whether to use gzip to compress encrypted session
                        data. Useful over limited-bandwidth connections,
                        but can add delay.
ForwardX11        Yes / No       (Default=no)
                        Whether to redirect X connections over the encrypted
                        tunnel and to set DISPLAY accordingly. Very handy
Password-         Yes / No       Whether
Authentication                   to attempt to do (encrypted) UNIX password authentication
                        in addition to or instead of trying RSA/DSA.