Table 2. Keyboard Applications

The following material is an excerpt from the README file included with the SoundTracker source package. It is reprinted here courtesy of SoundTracker author Michael Krause.

Note that some functions are only accessible using the keyboard. These are all important key combinations, mostly inspired by the great Amiga ProTracker (most alphanumeric keys are mapped to a piano keyboard):

TRACK                      EDITOR

Right Ctrl                 Play Song
Right Alt                  Play Pattern
Right WinMenu Key          Just play current pattern row
Space                      Stop Playing; edit mode on/off
Escape                     Edit mode on/off without stopping playing
Shift--Space               Toggle "jazz edit" mode

F1 ... F7                  Change editing octave
Left Ctrl-1 ... -8         Change jump value

CrsrUp/Down                Walk around in current pattern
PgUp/Down                  Walk around in current pattern, quickly
F9                         Jump to position 0
F10                        Jump to position L / 4
F11                        Jump to position L / 2
F12                        Jump to position 3 * L / 4

Ctrl + 1 ... 8             Change "jump" value

CrsrLeft/Right             Change pattern column and/or channel
Tab                        Skip to same column in next channel

Left Ctrl--CrsrLeft        Previous Instrument (faster with Left Shift)
Left Ctrl--CrsrRight       Next Instrument (faster with Left Shift)

Left Ctrl--CrsrDown        Previous Sample (faster with Left Shift)
Left Ctrl--CrsrUp          Next Sample (faster with Left Shift)

Left Alt--CrsrLeft         Previous Pattern (faster with Left Shift)
Left Alt--CrsrRight        Next Pattern (faster with Left Shift)

Left Ctrl--B               Start marking a block (one track horizontally)
Left Ctrl--C               Copy block
Left Ctrl--X               Cut block
Left Ctrl--V               Paste block and advance to end

Left Shift--F3             Cut track
Left Shift--F4             Copy track
Left Shift--F5             Paste track

Left Alt--F3               Cut pattern
Left Alt--F4               Copy pattern
Left Alt--F5               Paste pattern

Delete                     Clear part of the channel the cursor is over
Backspace                  Delete current position and pull rest of track upwards
Insert                     Shift rest of track downwards and insert a row

Any other keys             Play notes on the keyboard.

If SoundTracker is unable to configure the notes on your keyboard on its own, you must use the Keyboard Configuration dialog to set up your keyboard. In any case, there you will also have to configure the key that inserts the “key off” note into a pattern.

Some of the other shortcuts can be changed in the usual GTK+ way—go to the relevant menu entry, put the mouse over it and, just before releasing the mouse button, hit the desired key combination!


In the Envelope editor, use Ctrl + middle mouse button in order to zoom in and out of the envelope. Use middle mouse button alone to pan the display. Use left mouse button to move and add points.


Hold Shift and use left/right mouse buttons to set the loop points in the sample display.