Table 1. Tools Provided

ar file archiver
basename delete prefix and suffix from pathname
cat concatenate and show files
chgrp change group ID of files
chmod change file access permissions
chown change owner of files
chroot run command or shell with specified root directory
chvt change foreground virtual terminal
clear clear terminal screen
cp copy files
cut cut out fields from file
date display current date
dc arbitrary precision desk calculator
dd convert and copy file
deallocvt terminate unused virtual terminals
df report free block count
dirname delete end of pathname
dmesg display or clear kernel ring buffer
du summarize disk usage
dumpkmap prints out a binary keyboard translation table
dutmp dump utmp file
echo echo arguments
false return unsuccessful exit status
fbset sow and modify frame buffer device settings
fdflush force detection of floppy disk change
find find files
free display memory use
freeramdisk free all memory used by a ramdisk
fsck.minix check and repair Minix filesystem
grep search file for pattern
gunzip decompress files
gzip compress files
halt stop the system
head display beginning of file
hostid display a unique host identification
hostname set or display host name
id show user and group IDs and names
init process control initialization
insmod install loadable kernel module
kill terminate or send a signal to processes
killall kill processes by name
length display length of a string
linuxrc set up RAM disk root
ln make links to files
loadacm load an acm from standard input
loadfont load a console font
loadkmap load a binary keyboard translation table
logger add entry to system log
logname print login name from /etc/utmp
ls list contents of directories
lsmod list loaded modules
makedevs create device files
md5sum generate or check MD5 message digests
mkdir create specified directories
mkfifo make FIFOs (named pipes)
mkfs.minix make Minix filesystem
mknod make special files
mkswapnn set up a swap area
mktemp make temporary filenames
more display file by screenfull or line
mount mount a file system
mt magnetic tape control
mv move or rename files
nc opena pipe to an IP port
nslookup query internet name servers
ping test network response
poweroff stop system
printf format and display data
ps report process status
pwd print working directory
reboot stop system
rm remove files and directories
rmdir remove empty directories
rmmod unload loadable modules
sed stream editor
setkeycodes load kernel scancode-to-keycode
sh shell
sleep suspend execution for specified duration
sort sort/merge files
swapoff disable paging and swapping
swapon enable paging and swapping
sync write unwritten memory info to disk
syslogd linux system logging utilities
tail output last part of file
tar tape and file archiver
tee copy stdin to stdout and files
telnet connect to remote
test check file types and compare values
touch update file access/modification times
tr translate characters
true return successful exit status
tty display terminal name
umount unmount file systems
uname display system name
uniq report repeated lines
update flush file system buffers
uptime display system uptime
usleep suspend execution for specified microsecond duration
uudecode decode ASCII representation of file
uuencode encode ASCII representation of file
wc count lines, words and characters
which display pathname of command
whoami display effective username
yes repeat string indefinitely
zcat display compressed file