CM11A: The RS232 interface that allows your computer to send and receive X10 commands.

HCS II: Home Control System II, PC-controlled and/or standalone controller (X10, serial, digital and analog I/O, RS485).

ADI: Makers of the Ocelot, PC-controlled and/or standalone controller (X10, serial, IR and RS485).

Netgear: Manufacturer of data networking equipment aimed at the home and small business. They just announce their Gigabit copper products, products I can see being used in future HA systems.

Oregon Scientific: WM918 Weather station.

Dallas Semi: Creators of the Dallas Onewire parts and the Dallas TINI boards.

Lynx10: Marrick Limitted, serial-to-X10 interface.

Cisco: One of the leaders in data communications equipment.

Nortel: One of the leaders in voice and data communications equipment.

Etherboot: The etherboot project aims to create a bootable, diskless workstation.

Home Page: Author's collection of Home Automation links, mostly for software, but ever increasingly links to news, companies and other projects related to UNIX (Linux in particular) and HA.

LHA Project: Author's attempt to control the world right from the console of his computer.