These are people listed in the 1.0 kernel credits file whom we were unable to contact.

Krishna Balasubramanian, USA: wrote SYS V IPC (part of standard kernel since 0.99.10).

Arindam Banerji, USA: contributed ESDI driver routines needed to port Linux to the PS/2 MCA.

Peter Bauer, Germany: driver for depca-ethernet-board.

Fred Baumgarten, Germany: NET-2 and netstat(8).

Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless), the Netherlands: general kernel, gcc and libc hacker.

Hennus Bergman, the Netherlands: author and maintainer of the QIC-02 tape driver.

Ross Biro, USA: original author of the Linux networking code.

Bill Bogstad, USA: wrote /proc/self patch.

John Boyd, USA: co-author of wd7000 SCSI driver.

Remy Card, France: extended file system designer and developer and second extended file system designer and developer.

Raymond Chen, USA: author of Configure script.

Wayne Davison, USA: second extended file system co-designer.

Torsten Duwe, Germany: part-time kernel hacker and member of the Linux Support Team, Erlangen.

Doug Evans, USA: wrote XENIX FS (part of standard kernel since 0.99.15).

Juergen Fischer, Germany: author of Adaptec AHA-152x SCSI driver.

Ralf Flaxa, Germany: member of the Linux Support Team, Erlangen.

Nigel Gamble, USA: interrupt-driven printer driver.

Bruno Haible, Germany: unified Sys V FS based on XENIX FS (part of standard kernel since 0.99.15).

Andrew Haylett, UK: selection mechanism.

Ron Holt, USA: kernel development, and contributed to kernel Wabi/WINE support.

Rudolf Koenig, Germany: member of the Linux Support Team, Erlangen.

Tuomas J. Lukka, Finland: original dual-monitor patches and console-mouse-tracking patches.

Pat Mackinlay, Australia: 8-bit XT hard disk driver, miscellaneous ST0x, TMC-8xx and other SCSI hacking.

Bradley McLean, USA: device driver hacker and general kernel debugger.

Craig Metz, USA: some of PAS 16 mixer and PCM support.

Rick Miller, USA: Linux Device Registrar (major/minor numbers), au-play and bwBASIC.

Eberhard Moenkeberg, Germany: CD-ROM driver sbpcd (Matsushita/Panasonic/Soundblaster).

Ian A. Murdock, USA: creator of Debian distribution.

Stefan Probst, Germany: member of the Linux Support Team, Erlangen.

Daniel Quinlan, USA: FSSTND coordinator.

Florian La Roche, Germany: net programs and kernel net hacker.

Robert Sanders, USA: DOSEMU.

Peter De Schrijver, Belgium: Mitsumi CD-ROM driver patches, March version.

Darren Senn, USA: itimers, /proc.

Chris Smith, USA: HPFS file system.

Drew Sullivan, Canada: iBCS2 developer.

Simmule Turner, USA: added swapping to file system.

Stephen Tweedie, UK: second extended file system developer and general file system hacker.

Thomas Uhl, Germany: application programmer, Linux promoter and author of a German book on Linux.

Juergen Weigert, Germany: member of the Linux Support Team, Erlangen.

Marco van Wieringen, the Netherlands: author of acct and quota.

Stephen D. Williams, USA: consultant, entrepreneur, developer.

Günter Windau, the Netherlands: some bug fixes in the polling printer driver (lp.c).

Frank Xia, USA: xiafs file system.

Orest Zborowski, USA: XFree86 and kernel development.