Table 1. Applications of the MPME

Problem Researchers
Evaluation of a compression School of Computer Science
algorithm based on byte-pair and Software Engineering,
encoding Monash University
Simulation of financial School of Business Systems,
operation of a small Monash University
manufacturing company
Simulation of fuzzy-logic School of Computer Science
controller for ATM networks and Software Engineering,
Monash University
Mobile-phone-frequency School of Business Systems,
assignment using genetic Monash University
A genetic algorithm for School of Business Systems,
solving the N Queens Monash University
Modelling computer networks School of Computer Science
using OPNET and Software Engineering,
Monash University
Hopfield Neural Networks School of Business Systems,
for solving Timetabling Monash University
Fracture Simulation in Department of Mechanical
2-dimensional models Engineering, Monash University
Simulation of large School of Computer Science
Ad Hoc Mobile Networks and Software Engineering,
Monash University
Monte Carlo simulation of Australian Radiation
ionizing radiation equipment Protection and Nuclear
Safety Agency
Public health policy School of Business Systems,
simulation for injecting Monash University and
drug management MacFarlane Burnett Centre
for Medical Research
Shake simulation of School of Computer Science
F111 airframes and Software Engineering,
Monash University and
Australian Department of