Table 1. Comparison of BIND 8.2.1 and BIND 4.9.7

BIND 8.2.1 BIND 4.9.7
Configuration file  This version uses the
syntax provides greater  standard BIND syntax
flexibility and  as specified by
granularity specified  the named.conf file.
by the named.conf file.  
Supports Dynamic Update  Does not support
Standard.  Dynamic Update Standard.
Zone change notification  Does not support zone
(NOTIFY) support exists  change notification
for the primary master  (NOTIFY).
server to notify slave  
servers of zone changes.  
Provides greater control  Does not provide as much
and granularity on  control and granularity
logging.  over logging.
Configuration options  
are extensive and  
Provides many more  Provides more security
security features.  than its predecessors,
 but not as many as v8.