DNS and BIND, 3rd Edition, Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1998: an excellent book providing detailed information about DNS. Information up to BIND 8.1.2 is covered.

“Using the Domain Name System for System Break-ins”, Steven M. Bellovin, Proceedings of the Fifth Usenix UNIX Security Symposium, June 1995, Salt Lake City, UT, an excellent, interesting paper describing some problems with DNS. It was written in 1990, but not released until 1995. bind.html: “Using BIND: Don't get spoofed again” by Matt Larson and Cricket Liu. a great DNS resource on the Web. This site contains links to the DNS FAQ and other valuable DNS resources on the Internet. ISC web site, location for obtaining the BIND source code.

Securing Your Name Server Slides Presentation by Acme Byte & Wire (, comp.protocols.nds.bind: BIND newsgroup.