CPAN: All of the Perl-related software mentioned in this article is available via CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. You can access it at That should automatically forward you to the CPAN mirror nearest your house, although it may need a bit of help in doing so. From CPAN, you can download mod_perl (the Perl module for Apache), HTML-Embperl (the package in which Embperl comes) and many other goodies relating to Perl and the Web.

Particularly useful are the modules that mod_perl and Embperl require in order to function: LWP, HTML::HeadParser,, and MIME::Base64. If you find yourself installing CPAN software frequently, you might want to consider the CPAN module (, which provides a nice interface for installing and updating software distributed via CPAN.

ePerl is another HTML/Perl hybrid template system that I haven't looked at very closely. You can download it from

Text::Template was one of the first Perl modules for creating Perl/HTML templates, and still does the trick for the simple stuff. Don't be scared by its relatively low version number; while it doesn't do everything, it should be more than adequate for most needs. Text::Template seems to encourage writing large blocks of Perl code, in contrast with Embperl's one-line style. You can get Text::Template from CPAN.

PHP works similarly to Embperl, except that it uses its own language (rather than Perl) inside of the code blocks. A PHP module is available for mod_perl, and it comes with support for a large number of database servers, pseudo-persistent connections and similar features. More information, as well as the software, is available from