My next-door neighbor, Jason Schroeder, was instrumental in helping me set up this service. He taught me a great deal about Linux along the way.

Bell Atlantic was the catalyst of this whole operation. Their inability to deliver ISDN three years ago when I first wanted it, and their ridiculous pricing of the service, forced me to investigate other options. It took them three months to install the digital line I ordered. I can hardly wait for local loop competition.

Sangoma, the vendor who sold us the WAN board, has been tremendous. Their support of Linux is unwavering. Their personnel is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

I have to thank Lucent, the only company I could find capable of dealing with both telephone and computer network wiring. Their installation crew encountered many obstacles, but they worked through all of them and gave us the data infrastructure for the next few decades.

Finally, no list of acknowledgements would be complete without recognizing the many people who have contributed to Linux and made it one of the best operating systems on the planet.