Function Tags

Default Graphic Tags

<BA> Telephone
<BB> Glasses
<BC> Tap
<BD> Rocket
<BE> Monster
<BF> Key
<BG> Shirt
<BH> Helicopter
<BI> Car
<BJ> Tank
<BK> House
<BL> Teapot
<BM> Knife & Fork
<BN> Duck
<BO> Motorcycle
<BP> Bicycle
<BQ> Crown
<BR> Sweet Heart
<BS> Arrow Right
<BT> Arrow Left
<BU> Arrow Down-Left
<BV> Arrow Up-Left
<BW> Mug of Beer
<BX> Chair
<BY> High-heeled Shoes
<BZ> Wine Glass

Color Tags

<CA> Dim Red
<CB> Red
<CC> Bright Red
<CD> Orange
<CE> Bright Orange
<CF> Light Yellow
<CG> Yellow
<CH> Bright Yellow
<CI> Lime
<CJ> Dim Lime
<CK> Bright Lime
<CL> Bright Green
<CM> Green
<CN> Dim Green
<CO> Yellow/Green/Red
<CP> Rainbow (Default)
<CQ> Red/Green 3D
<CR> Red/Yellow 3D
<CS> Green/Red 3D
<CT> Green/Yellow 3D
<CU> Green on Red
<CV> Red on Green
<CW> Orange on Green 3D
<CX> Lime on Red 3D
<CY> Green on Red 3D
<CZ> Red on Green 3D

Font Sizes

<SA> Normal (Default)
<SE> Flashing Normal
<SB> Bold (Wide)
<SF> Flashing Bold (Wide)
<SC> Italic
<SG> Flashing Italic
<SD> Bold Italic (Wide)
<SH> Flashing Bold Italic (Wide)

Display Effects

<FA> AUTO: Random color and presentation
<FD> APPEAR: Instantly replaces text
<FE> CYCLING: Rolling Colors
<FI> SCROLL UP: Scroll up from bottom
<FJ> SCROLL DOWN: Scroll down from top
<FK> OVERLAP: Two layers slide together to form text
<FL> STACKING: Falling dots form text
<FM> COMIC 1: PacMan
<FN> COMIC 2: Random creature walking
<FO> BEEP: Sign beeps
<FP> PAUSE: Short delay of motion
<FQ> SLEEP: Blank screen until the next timer activates
<FR> RANDOM: Random dots appear forming text
<FT> TIME/DATE: Show time and date, no choice of formatting
<FU> MAGIC: Change text color each time
<FV> THANK YOU: Cursive “Thank you”
<FW> WELCOME: Cursive “Welcome”
<FX> SPEED 1: Normal
<FY> SPEED 2: Jittery
<FZ> SPEED 3: Fast

Animation cannot be overridden.